Established in 2012, Boho Bungalow is a lifestyle boutique that sits in the heart of picturesque downtown Occidental on the Bohemian Highway. The historic town attracts visitors from the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Owner Faith Parker became enamored with the town shortly after moving to West Sonoma County in 2010.

Inspiration for opening: My main inspiration for opening Boho Bungalow was a powerful combination of passion and desperation. Struggling along in a ho-hum job, I was anxious to create something that would challenge me and satisfy my desire to live a life that honored my artistic self. I truly believe that creativity feeds the soul, and for me finding a career that not only fueled and inspired my creativity but also allowed me the freedom to pursue my craving for design, beauty and esthetics was a fundamental necessity

Merchandise source: Flea markets, estate sales, trade shows and local artisans all contribute to the alluring and eclectic assortment of goods that create a curated collection at Boho Bungalow.

Your favorite item: Right now my favorite item in the shop is a beautiful metal and enamel scalloped light fixture. It’s about a 100 years old and it’s a perfect combination of industrial chic meets French Country. Sadly it recently sold but the new owner won’t be picking it up for a few months , so I get to enjoy it for a little while longer.

Favorite store (other than your own): It’s hard so say, there are so many stores that I follow on Instagram that I have huge crushes on, as for local North Bay shops I would have to go with either 14 Feet in Cloverdale or JaM Jar in Santa Rosa. Both shops are filled with enchanting items and create stunning visual merchandising displays that titillate.

What’s next? I imagine Boho Bungalow as a healthy and vibrant tree with new branches growing with every season. For the coming year i would like to branch into offering interior design service, strengthening our online commerce and bringing more styling tips and video content to my blog.


3692 Bohemian Hwy,
Occidental, CA 95465

Hours: 10:30am – 5:30pm Everyday

125 N Main St,
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Hours: 10:30am – 5:30pm Everyday