5 Quick Tips For Styling The Perfect Credenza

Hey Guys! I just wanted to share with you some quick tips for styling your Credenza. The tips and tricks that I am going to reveal to you can be applied to any flat surface in your home: buffet, nightstand, dresser, bathroom counter-top, etc.

Clear everything on the surface off your credenza and anything that might be hanging on the wall behind it.

Look around your house for art work and rugs that are in the same general color pallet.

For step three you want to think about what you actually need to have on your credenza. Depending on it’s function you will have different needs. If its located in your entry way you might want to add a dish to catch keys or a pretty bowl to toss the day’s mail in. If its in a bedroom you might need a clock or a jewelry stand. Think about function and then add in the fundamental items that will help keep your life simplified and clutter-free.

This is where the magic happens! You can add in your favorite candles, crystals, brass figurines anything that you love and that fits within the style and color pallet you’ve selected. I like to add the botanical last because they really bring the most to the party. The perfectly placed vase of flowers or macrame pot holder just ties it all together in the end.  You’ll be high-fiving yourself if you’re a dork like me.

The final step is to edit, regroup and put the finishing touches on your vignette.  As a final check list you want to make sure that you’ve incorporated the fundamentals of good design which are:

1. Color is your color pallet soothing to the eye?
2. Pattern adds visual interested, without it, thing will look dull so toss in some pattern.
3. Texture contrasting textures is really important. I’ve tried pulling together a vignette composed of all similar materials and it was so flat and boring. Mix up your textures for visual interest.
4. Shape  as with texture you need to have a variation of shapes. Have you noticed how a square pillow needs a round or rectangle pillow to set it off? The same principles can be applied throughout design. You have to have a variety shapes or it’s gonna to look amateur .
5. Repetition repetition creates a place for the eye to rest. The goal is to create visual interest, but too much visual interest can be overwhelming. Seeing repetition in design is calming and soothing.
6. Balance you’ll be able to tell if your vignette is off balance if it feels like it’s going to tip over in a certain direction. Stand back a squint your eyes. Does it look visually “heavy” on one side and not the other? Balance can also be applied to color. If you’re working with a really strong color you want to carry that color through your design so that one area isn’t over saturated.
7. Bling just like every good outfit looks better with jewelry, your vignette is going to shine when you pop in some sparkly crystals, shiny brass tray, or a mercury glass candle holder.
8. Botanical a vase of flowers or a cute little airplant has such a huge impact on a space. Layer them on thick, you really can’t over do it here.

Want more inspo? Check out this buffet that I styled in a previous post 


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