6 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Next Throw Pillow 

I used to have this problem with throw pillows and Im guessing Im not alone. d be strolling through Target and before I realized it, there would be a couple of throw pillows that apparently leaped into my cart. 

Okay, so thatʼs not really the whole problem  the real issue started when I would get the pillow home and for one reason or another, the new pillow was just not fitting in with the crowd. Like, I thought it would look way better sitting on my sofa than it does. Where was I going wrong? 

I am happy to announce that I have solved this problem and now I am super excited to share the solution with you! The formula that I am going to share really works! And the best part is, all that pillow hoarding youʼve been doing over the past few years is going to come in handy because youʼre not going to have to head out to buy new pillows. You’ll just use the ones you already have on hand.

1. Mix sizes This one is important. You want big pillows and little pillows, not just for looks but also for comfort.  
2. Mix shapes This is probably one of the mistakes I see my clients make the most. Oftentimes, people will pick all square pillows and then the vignette just falls flat. For visual interest, youʼve got to have, at the very least, a square and a rectangle, toss in a round one and you’re golden!
3. Mix patterns The scale of the pattern on the pillows should vary. If you have a pattern with a large scale, you want to make sure to pair it with a pillow that has a small or medium pattern. This ensures that the patterns will complement each other instead of competing. 
4. Choose a color pallet Pick a color pallet and then stay in that pallet when choosing your throw pillows. 
5. Add texture Texture can make or break a vignette. Toss in some chunky texture next to something smooth like velvet  it makes the design come alive! 
6. Shoot for an odd number Odd numbers are going to be more visually stimulating than even, so the optimal number of pillows for your sofa will be three, five, seven, or nine.

Now that you’ve got some guidelines to work with, I encourage you to gather up all of your throw pillows and style your sofa like a pro. For more inspo, check out the pillows we have listed in our online store, or come see us in person at our Occidental or Sebastopol locations.

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